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Pick up your ticket to punch town, and don’t forget to pack your fists!

Rockabilly Beatdown is an “endless puncher.” See how long you can survive a constant, ever growing stream of enemies by punching like your life depends on it - because it does! Every connected punch is the one that keeps you on your feet and only the best brawlers can brag about bringin' the boom... Will you go down in history as the one punch who pummeled them all?



• Six heroes ready to throw down! Choose from Kimber Killjoy, Ace Knuckles, Bruiser McFist, Goldie Luxe, Jenna Von Jett, or Kondo Kazuki! This desktop version includes ALL heroes from the mobile version (No in-app purchases).
• Loads of endless enemies are out to get you, with brawlin' bosses tossed in for double trouble!
• Over 15 levels to punch your way through! Includes ALL levels from the mobile version.
• Every punch builds towards your super move: PUNCHTASTIC!
• Collect tires to trigger your ultimate HOTROD super!
• Run up your combo count to reach supers even faster!
• Keep an eye out for lifesaving pick-ups and enemies that endow special bonuses!
• Tally up your totals and collect Fist Rewards after every game!
• Super sweet pixel art to channel that retro arcade action feel!
• Unlock a hero, costume colors, and special bonus levels through gameplay!


Menu selections must be made with a mouse. Hero selection is via a scrollable carousel, also spun by mouse.

Menu Controls

The gameplay input can be from either a keyboard or an XBox game controller. We have tested other controllers though you may need to employ a keymapper such as x360ce Controller emulator .  On a Mac the PS4 Dual Shock works great.


Additional game information: Rockabilly Beatdown About Page


This is a desktop version of our mobile game, which on mobile devices makes use of touch controls. However, throughout development we did a ton of playtesting on desktop with both keyboard and game controllers and found it just as fun. We acknowledge the change of platform has a quirk or two but overall is a small tradeoff for being able to bring the game to PC.

Notable in the Options menu are selections to control HUD visibility, as well as an On/Off for interlace effects if you prefer your art pixel perfect.

Options Menu

We greatly appreciate your support for our game. If you liked it here and would also like to play the original mobile version, Rockabilly Beatdown remains available on iPhone and Android for all your punching-on-the-go needs!


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Any chance of a Steam release?

No plans currently, although we won't rule it out. It's a pretty simple game and seems to fit more with itch.io, honestly we're not sure it would be received as well on Steam as it has been on mobile. But we're always happy to hear opinions from outside.